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- When you become a member you will have a professional online profile that includes your biography, unlimited pictures and music, and your videos.

- In today's struggling economy you should save money wherever you can. We help performers take advantage of the direction the entertainment industry is heading into (the electronic multimedia resume is replacing costly DVDs and promotional pictures!)

- You never have to pay us commissions or hidden fees.

- Every performer gets a unique Agent Friendly Profile that allows agents to showcase your abilities to their clients. This type of profile is designed with agents in mind because it lets them present your act without giving away contact information. This gives agents an incentive to proactively market your act worldwide.

- Having a profile on will greatly improve the chances of your act being discovered through search engines like Google and Yahoo.

- Beat the snail mail DVD method - send an email with your multimedia instead! Producers don't have to wait days to review your material - it's available at the click of a button.

- Our flexible and advanced search helps talent buyers find exactly what they need. They can narrow down their search by category, location, travel preference, and price.

- Our extensive community includes famous performers such as Anthony Gatto, Todd Oliver, Bob Nelson, Murray, The Duttons, and many others. High quality performers attract the best producers and agents from around the world to our site.

- You will have the opportunity to be featured on our front page which will increase your visibility.

- We have impeccable customer service. If you need advice about your act or need help with the site - call or email us at any time!

- You can place your personal site's link on your profile which will increase search engine ranking and traffic to your site.

                                                                                                                   "...agencies such as UTA, Endeavor and Creative Artists Agency are diligently mining the Web for raw talent. The process quickly has become crucial to entertainment talent scouts...
Michael Yanover, head of business development at CAA: 'We're looking for people whose talent works across many platforms, not just online...the Internet's emerging talent is where the future lies.'"

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“Searching for the Next Big Thing”
— May 23rd, 2008

100 % Money Back Guarantee

- Our Absolutely Risk Free Guarantee: all memberships carry a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your Membership for any reason, you will receive a 100% full refund if you cancel your account within 45 days of your registration date. And... we'll send you a free audio book Ten Things You MUST Know To Get Gigs and Succeed In Today's Economy to compensate you for your time.

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- As and added BONUS you will have access to our extensive worldwide agency and producers directory ($297 value). You can take initiative and make connections around the world TODAY! This is available for a limited time only if you sign up before December 15th. This list has contact details for over 500 agencies and producers including their phone number, address, description, and an email. It is absolutely priceless in your professional career (especially in today's economy!)

A Second Valuable Bonus When You Sign Up

- As a SECOND BONUS you will receive the free ebook ($29 value) 10 Things You MUST Know To Get Gigs and Succeed In Today's Economy. It teaches you how to successfully sell your act to producers and agents and make that "first impression" that will COMPEL them to make that precious phone call to you. If you follow these simple step by step suggestions you will realize that this system will help you get better gigs and have successful career in any economy.

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Irina MarkovaIrina Markova - Trained Dogs and Cats
"We received a long term contract through and we saved thousands of dollars thanks to their commission free policy!"

- Would you like to be on a popular TV show and bring your career to the next level? Many TV shows, like Ellen DeGeneres, are browsing in search of unique emerging talent.

Human SlinkyVeniamin Shows INC. Human Slinky
"I got an email from a producer through and a few days later I signed a contract! This lead to a new venue and a long term relationship with the producer. Thank you!"

- Would you like to perform just a few corporate dates a month and make enough money to spend the rest of the time at home with your family? Join and you will have access to dozens of corporate agent and producer contracts.

Pasha and AlionaPasha and Aliona, Award-Winning Quick Change Act
"We are grateful for the opportunity to have an Agent Friendly Profile on We send agents a link to our promotional package and get responses a lot faster then before!"

- Would you like to travel around the world all expenses paid and perform in beautiful venues? Join our world class community of entertainers. Our high caliber performers attract world class international agents and producers.

Yakov SmirnoffYakov Smirnoff, World Famous Russian Comedian and theatre owner
"I love this site! It's so easy to navigate and has so many professional performers to choose from. I found FIVE ACTS for my new show “Yakov's Moscow Circus”, on This Website is my first stop next time I'm looking for acts."

- Would you like to be in charge of your career? Don't let the possibility of great connections and new opportunities slip away. Imagine what it will feel like to have agents from around the world working hard to get you great gigs. Now take action by signing up with and connect with hundreds of producers and agents. Don't wait too long because this is available for a limited time only.

Elena and VadimElena and Vadim, Acrobatic Adagio
"We really appreciate because we just got a job offer through this site. The customer service on this site is fast and easy and we think these kinds of sites really help entertainers find jobs."

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Dear Entertainer,

Please let me introduce myself: my name is Andrei Soumiatin and I am the founder of

During my thirty-year career as a performer and producer, I have become friend with many fellow performers, producers, and agents from all over the world.

I am the author of the book 10 Things You Must Know To Get Gigs and Succeed in Today's Economy.

I have been sought after many times to find or recommend an act for different shows and helped secure work for dozens of performers without charging a commission.

I saw a need for a website where agents or producers could find videos of quality variety performers and contact them directly. This led me to start - a worldwide networking community of entertainers, agents and talent buyers.

We are not competing with agents – it's just the opposite. We are attracting agents from all over the world and they are finding exciting opportunities for our performers.

I am personally inviting you to join us. As a result you will get new contacts, new possibilities and new inspirations, which will bring your career to the next level.


Andrei Souniatin
Andrei Soumiatin

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